About ediblecode (Ian Routledge)

Manchester-based lead software engineer

I'm a lead software engineer, currently working at NICE in Manchester and living in The Heatons, a suburb of Stockport.

Front-end, back-end

I've been focussing more on front-end at NICE recently, but originally I came from a .NET background. So I'm equally happy building accessible web applications as I am writing APIs and backends.

Tech-wise, the NICE Technology Radar gives a pretty good idea of the tech stack I've been working with over the past few years.

Work-life balance

I've got 2 young children and 2 cats, so life can pretty hectic! I do try the odd side-project or contribute to open-source where I can, but I also appreciate work-life balance and downtime.

When I'm not coding my time is split between looking after the kids, watching rugby, baking or drinking good beer!