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stage.stageHeight is 100px too small in Flash CS3

February 14, 2011 - Posted in Flash Posted by:

I’ve recently been making a flash game with one of our clients. It’s a (pretty awesome if I may say so myself) side-scrolling flash game. Anyway, you can play it on Windows Live Messenger – just look for ‘Trolley Challenge’ in the game section and you should find it.

I was doing the fairly standard thing of positioning items relative to the stage, rather than hardcoding them. I mean, if I want a character at a certain position it would be positioned at stage.stageHeight – 200 for example. The idea, being that if you need to resize the game to use on a different platform then it’s straightforward – just increase the stage size and everything repositions and redraws.

That all works find, until you get in to Flash CS3 and publish the SWF. And what happens?! Well, everything is 100px higher than you’d expect. It turns out that it’s a bug in CS3 where this value is too small if you’re using the bandwidth profiler. There’s an easy fix though – simply press CTRL + B to get rid of it and stage.stageHeight goes back to being what you’d expect.